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Take a break from the frenetic pressures of your everyday lives and join Jonathan the Mind Reader as he takes you and your guests on a fun-filled journey that will have you wondering exactly when the Magic ends and the Mysteries of the Mind begin. Jonathan starts his show off by presenting several intriguing magical illusions, then he seamlessly moves into performing his many incredible mental feats that will boggle the mind.

You and your guests will be thrilled as Jonathan reveals the Mysteries of the Mind.

During his show he will:

  • Read spectators’ thoughts from across the room
  • Predict behaviours
  • Demonstrate his powerful memory
  • Reveal his uncanny ability to see hidden objects
  • And he’s just warming up

MYSTERIES OF THE MIND will liven-up your next awards night, meeting or special event.

Your guests will thank you and remember a great time!

Spectators rave about the great time they had, and leave his show in pure disbelief…

“Jonathan is great fun but don’t try lying to him because he’ll catch you every time!”

Nick Kanellias
Mechanical Engineer
Pratt & whitney

“We just couldn’t believe it!”

Marc David, President
Maxxgard Labs

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Do you have a special theme or message to convey to your participants?

Jonathan can customize his Mysteries of the Mind Show to fit your specific need.

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